Are ready to take your test, we can take you to your local DMV, where you will use your instructor's car during the road test. The instructor will pick you up from home or work, you will drive about 45 min on your way to the DMV (the instructor will correct anything you might be doing wrong). You will use the instructor's car to take your test (the instructor will wait for you at the DMV). After the test is over the instructor will drive you home/work.


Important: We are not a rental car company. We are a driving school, so this service is offered to previous students, which means that you need to take at least one class before. During that brush-up class the instructor will prepare you for the road test, and will give you an honest and candor opinion about your chances of passing it. Remember, we want you to pass the test, but most importantly, we want you to be a safe, knowledgeable, and defensive driver.

Pick up time is 1 hour prior to drive test, used to practice and to drive to DMV. Keep in mind that you are required to check-in at DMV's window 15 min before appointment time.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: After three hours from the pick up time, an additional $25 waiting fee will be added per every additional hour/fraction.

Drive Test Services